Desiccant Dryers

A new generation of adsorption dryers, result in an experience of long duration and constant evolution, based on high technical know-how. ATS means high quality in compressed air treatment and it maintains this trend with its adsorption dryer HGO, improving the efficiency further and maintaining the quality at its well-known high level.

Hgo 1  Hgo

The quality standards reached are demonstrated by the steady dew point value of the compressed air, a value which is always verifiable by measuring instruments. The high quality of the appliance and the vacuum-sealed regeneration grant an always steady dew point, even when subjected to the worst of conditions.
The cold vacuum-sealed regeneration system ATS defines this quality level.

• Low level of noise, 75 dBA
• Low pressure drop
• Pre-filter and post-filter as standard
• Compact style
• High efficiency design

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