ATS provides a wide range of products for the compressed air treatment, efficient and high performance to meet your application needs.


 ATS offers a wide range of dryers, filters, separators and everything can be useful to the processing of compressed air. To simplify selection, ATS divides its product ranges in:

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Atmospheric air always includes water vapour and impurities. For the end user is extremely important that the air is free from moisture and particulate contaminants, as oil and dust. If these contaminants come into direct contact with the final equipments, the costs for maintenance would be very high, and a device for air treatment, that originally would be practical and economical, then could prove very costly.

The aim of the ATS is to provide their customers with the tools necessary to obtain high quality compressed air, clean and dry, that is free from elements that can decrease the efficiency and reliability of the system. Depending on the type of the use of compressed air and the area of application, these substances can have different impacts in the production process.

It is important that selection is accurate and meticulous in order to choose the best possible combination of accessories for air treatment, to optimize the available resources and reduce unnecessary wastes.

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